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Criteria to Look for Staff Hiring and Advantages of Scheduling Workforce Management App in 2019


Criteria to Look for Staff Hiring and Advantages of Scheduling Workforce

Streamline the Hiring and Workforce Management Process With Quality Scheduling Apps

Years ago, in the 80s and earlier, the hiring process primarily involved placing an ad in the newspaper or on a company’s job board in an effort to solicit candidates for employment. Paper applications were completed and submitted directly to employers in person, followed by a waiting period. The primary means of communication was either by telephone or by mail; nonetheless, the hiring process was not nearly as engaging as it is today.

Other proactive recruitment approaches that took place in the 80s and earlier involved employers going to college campuses to solicit new graduates directly. This is how many new graduates became aware of jobs that weren’t announced publicly. So in a sense, candidates had the opportunity to bypass the normal job seeking and hiring process.

Jobs were a lot easier to come by back in those days too, as it was less competition. For example, while an employer may have had only 10-20 job applications for one job position, today, according to, each corporate job opening attracts roughly 250 resumes on average.

Additionally, according to The Washington Post, in an annual employment study performed by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University, close to 90% of over 4,300 employers hire new graduates. Although this may simplify the recruitment process, with roughly 250 responses for each job position, it’s very difficult for employers to manage the overall recruitment, hiring and scheduling process in general. There are far too many candidates to keep up with, organize and schedule. That’s why they use a scheduling and workforce management app is critical for streamlining the overall process.

So what does a scheduling and management app do to assist employers anyway? For the most part, it makes it easier for employers to streamline, automate and manage the basic HR functions. Based on the specific scheduling challenges that you face at your organization, HR-related scheduling apps can be developed with features based on your company’s HR needs.

Automate and Improve HR Tasks Using Three Benefits Associated With Using a Scheduling App

Three key benefits that you will experience when using a scheduling app consist of saving time, automation and increasing accessibility.

Saving Time: One of the first benefits of using a scheduling app is that it reduces the time spent managing and scheduling candidates for job opportunities and other HR-related tasks. It’s been known to carve off hours of time spent organizing and scheduling staff.

Automation: Most HR-related scheduling apps also have features that allow you to automate various systems, which is also known to significantly reduce the number of hours spent on HR-related assignments. For example, it can automate reconciling the management staff’s schedule with the employee’s schedule. Some apps are also able to provide updated information in real-time while alerting candidates of the most updated changes.

Increasing Accessibility: When you have an app developed with certain features, it’s also been known to assist with improving and streamlining the collaboration between employers and employees. For example, if after you’ve selected your ideal candidate and they began working during certain shifts, the scheduling apps make it possible for shifts to be changed in real-time. This is helpful should a vacancy occur that needs to be filled right away.

Hire Quality Candidates by Knowing What to Look For Before Hiring Employees

Hiring the right employee can have a huge impact on your business. The recruitment process plays a critical role in selecting the right employee. Particularly, since after your selection, you will be judged on an ongoing basis for the outcome of the candidate that you have selected.

However, with careful planning and forethought, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you select the best candidate for the job. For example, it’s important to seek out a candidate who is committed to their overall career. Candidates that often change careers have proven not to be loyal to any particular company.

Because there’s so much competition in the job market, candidates tend to pad their resumes to appear more qualified than they actually are. To combat this problem, it’s important to first test candidate’s level of knowledge and their analytical skill level. You can do this by using a variety of methods to assess the candidate’s skill set and knowledge base.

It’s also extremely important to ensure that your ideal candidate fits the bill as it relates to compatibility. You want to be certain that you identify an employee that blends in well with your company‘s overall culture. They should be able to fit into the company’s culture in various areas; from their speaking abilities to their appearance as well as how they get along with and treat others, among other areas.

Improve Your Hiring Process by Utilizing Social Media

According to Forbes, when seeking out to hire employees, it’s often challenging and sometimes even awkward to request certain information from potential candidates. That’s where social media can come into play in a big way. It allows you to take a peek into your candidate’s personal profile to identify their behavior and see what they’re really like both personally and professionally.

Most companies will be surprised at what they can learn about potential candidates simply by researching their social media profiles. In fact, some social media platforms even make it easier to hire certain candidates through platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. So, as you begin the staff hiring process, don’t forget to incorporate social media into your overall recruitment and hiring strategy.

Decrease Turnover Rates by seeking Out Candidates with Important Key Traits

Another key component to look out for during the recruitment process is to look for important traits in future employees. Employees that possess certain quality traits can significantly add to the overall growth and sustainability of your company. According to, Following the advice of other CEOs and corporate leaders, the following are the traits that all business leaders should look for when considering hiring future employees. has also recommended that business leaders find candidates who can differentiate themselves from their peers. What this means is that you should look for accomplishments that a candidate has made in a previous job position that differentiates them from other potential candidates. You can look for things such as, whether they were responsible for assisting their previous company with making any improvements in areas such as increasing sales, decreasing customer complaints, improving their social media following and so forth.

Other traits that a good candidate should have is a proactive, can-do attitude with respect to tackling and accomplishing new assignments. They should also possess the skills needed to perform their jobs in a timely fashion as well. Additionally, they should also have basic common sense and good judgment.

Seeking out candidates with good traits can be very beneficial to your organization, now and in the future. Those with poor quality traits can potentially increase the risk of causing harm to your organization. Particularly, areas such as your online reputation and how they represent your company in general.

To conclude, we have provided you with insight on how to improve and streamline the recruitment, hiring and scheduling process by using a quality scheduling app. Even if you only implement a portion of this list, you should experience improvements in your overall efforts. For more information on how a scheduling app can assist you, please check out this video, it provides additional traits that you should look for before hiring employees. For more information, contact Shift Pixy to learn more.