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Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before You Hire Them


If you are currently in the market searching for the best SEO company ranked #1 in Oshawa,, then, it is a must that you know that hiring the best and the right search engine optimization experts can make a big difference in the effectiveness and success of your SEO campaigns. 

Before you settle for any company that comes your way, here are the top five questions you have to ask:

Can I rank first in search engine results?

Guess what? This is a very tricky question. Obviously, everyone wants to get to the top of the search engine results for their targeted keywords in their SEO efforts. But, even an SEO company ranked #1 in Oshawa will not be able to assure you of getting to the first spot. Most companies won’t even dare guarantee you that you will get to the first page of search results. Thus, when an SEO firm makes larger than life promises to you, it is about time that you move on to the next company that is honest, dedicated and realistic in improving your results and not only making promises that they will. 

How soon will I get to see results? Check out this Youtube Video for answers.

It is a must for businesses to know that any SEO campaign will ever get results overnight. Instead, the results will only come after months of continued and committed SEO efforts. Thus, a company must not tell you of getting overnight results. But, they should explain to you how SEO really works and tell you upfront that even the most aggressive campaigns for SEO will require waiting time of 3 to 4 months to start getting results. 

How will I determine if the SEO program works?

Your chosen SEO firm must provide you with the quantifiable metrics which will help indicate and determine if the SEO campaign is truly working. Choose to work with companies which are willing to offer such results to you. 

What can the company offer to further improve my current SEO?

Every SEO company must have an arsenal of around five go to tools which can be used to achieve the best SEO results. But, most companies have more strategies which they can put to use. An efficient SEO company will provide you with various solutions then adjust these solutions depending on their effectiveness during the whole campaign period. 

How much do you charge?

A reliable SEO company must be able to give you with a rate sheet which has to include information regarding the fees for you to be able to predict the pricing. See to it that you work with a good company which completely discloses all the prices ahead of time for you not to get stuck with unexpected and hidden fees in the future. 

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Epiphanies Everyone Should Have

Sometime flashes of brilliance seem to happen out of nowhere, and a solution pops into your seemingly out of nowhere.  It’s the epiphany you have been waiting for.  An epiphany is a moment when you have a brilliant flash of clarity, sometimes it’s the motivation you need to make radical changes, sometimes it’s the realization that your life is not what you want it to be.

Many people go looking to therapists or life coaches looking for an epiphany.  Looking for all of the emotional pain they carry to be wiped away with one aha moment.  Having an epiphany is a great thing, but what you do with that moment of clarity is really what is important.  Our habits have become ingrained over a lifetime that changing behavior is more difficult.  An epiphany will force you to see life and your situation in a different light.

Here are Epiphanies Everyone Should Have that Will Make Your Life Better

You are not defined by a number on a scale

At the end of your life that last thing you’re going to be thinking about is what you weighed at 30.  Forget the diet obsession, the numbers on a scale or living on grapefruit for days at a time. The only thing that matters is your health and how you feel.

There is nothing wrong with being alone

The fear of growing old alone is common one and people often find themselves settling for a situation they aren’t happy with.  Learn to be comfortable with your own company.

You aren’t defined by what people say

What matters is how you feel about yourself, you can choose.  Don’t let others define you and tell you who you are, your worth is not defined by the irrelevant opinions of other people.

You will never be finished

You will never stop learning, your to do list will never be done and there will always be some chore you have to do.  That’s what life is all about.  Focus on the end result and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished.

Your purpose will find you

You will go through many transitions to get to a place of happiness and fulfillment.  Pain and heartache are going to be part of the journey but they have their purpose too.  Don’t waste time with regrets, every experience will help you become who you were meant to be.  Take the journey for what it is and embrace it.

An epiphany will happen to you rather unexpectedly, that is the nature of epiphanies.  Embrace them when they come to you and take action on what you have learned.